Recommendations for use: put 100-150g of kvass into the bottle (3liters), add 8 – 10 soup spoons of sugar, add 1 liter of warm water (30 – 35°С), and carefully mix it. Add to liquid 5g of press yeasts dissolved in small amount of warm water. Again mix well and add 1.5 -1.7 liters of warm water (30 – 35°С) and mix again. Leave it in a warm place for 20-24 hours to wander. Filter the ready drink, add sugar according to your taste and keep it in refrigerator. You can use the left ferment several times adding 2 – 3 soup spoons of dried kvass, necessary amount of water and sugar according to your taste.

Sphere of use:
Cold drinks
Ingredients:mix rusk crumbs from wheat and rye flour, ferment dried rye malt
Packing type:clear film
Net weight:200 g
Shipping package:corrugated box 340*175*140 mm
Input:18 pieces in a box
Normative documentation:GOST Р 52791-2007
Expiry date:12 months
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