Ground black pepper


Ground back pepper is one of the oldest food additives in the world. It contains a lot of useful elements which normalize digestion processes, stimulate blood circulation and normalize metabolic processes.

Recommendation for use: it shall be added according to the recipe or to your taste for conservation and when making soups, sauces, or cooking meat and fish.

Doy-pack with ZIP lock preserves freshness and aroma of the food additive for long duration

Sphere of use:
Poultry Fish Ready dish Food conservation Meat
Ingredients:Ground black pepper
Packing type:metallized film
Net weight:10 / 40 g
Shipping package:corrugated box 335*124*155 mm
Input:75 / 35 pieces in a box
Normative documentation:GOST 29050 - 91
Barcode4607035192784 / 4607035193163
Expiry date:24 months
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