Strawberry jelly


Jelly is bright, beautiful and tasty dessert. Gelatin jelly is beneficial to the cartilage system, facilitating its recovery. Collagen is the main component of gelatin, it is useful not only for bones but also for healthy hair and nails. It is also improves metabolism, strengthens the heart muscle and increases mental abilities.

Jelly of trade mark Doktor vkus is easy to cook, it is tasty and healthy dessert based on natural aromatics and colours. Jelly of trade mark Doktor vkus is recommended for nutrition of the preschool and school-age children.

Sphere of use:
Recommended for children's nutrition Jelly
Ingredients:sand sugar, edible gelatin, acidity regulator citric acid (E330), aromatic “Strawberry», natural food colour Acvant Carmine 0002
Packing type:see-through package + label
Net weight:150 g
Shipping package:corrugated box 335x124x155
Input:18 pieces in a box
Normative documentation:TU-9197-004-32528139-15
Expiry date:12 months
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