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Your benefits of working with the trade mark “Doktor vkus”

Production of client’s private labels

Your benefits of working with the trade mark “Doktor vkus”: we offer our clients six key factors which provide effective cooperation.

  1. Quality product: careful selection of suppliers of raw materials and production according to GOST and TU regulations guarantee constant high quality of our product.
  2. Premier assortment: our work experience is 20 years and it allows us to offer our clients assortment that is highly demanded in the market.
  3. Shop equipment: we offer best shop equipment for outlets (racks of various sizes and configurations, pockets, show boxes).
  4. Marketing support: the company actively participates in promotion of products in regional markets. We stimulate promotion of goods in all sales channels: distributors - wholesalers – outlets of various kind – the final consumer.– оптовики – торговые точки различного формата – конечный потребитель.
  • For all our clients we offer monthly special prices for certain groups.
  • For distributors and wholesalers we offer the stimulating actions for trade team; actions for sales increase of trade points etc.
  • For network shops we offer action “yellow price label”, participation in catalogs and other advertizing activities of networks, promo-offers of seasonal goods, actions for final consumers.
  1. Sales professional advice: sales managers of the trade mark “Doktor vkus”  will give our clients sales professional recommendations in Groceries category due to best assortment of a particular outlet,  effective laying out in sales room and on additional equipment, and due to promo-actions.
  2. Developed logistics: the company guarantees timely goods delivery to the destination.

Trade mark “Doktor vkus” is a reliable supplier of high-quality food at reasonable prices in Groceries and Healthy diet categories.

Production of client’s private labels

The company offers its clients production of their own private labels.

Large experience in production of client’s private labels for federal and local networks and production facilities offer us comply with any requests of our clients in production of their own labels.

Our possibilities for client’s private labels production:

Products: spices, food additives, kitchen herbs, additives for culinary.
Packaging: metalized film, laminated paper, see-through package, doy-pack

Product: kissel (blocks)
Packaging: paper package, Flow-pack

Product: coffee drink, cocoa, kvass
Packaging: carton box, soft package

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